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Data and information protection is a vocation that SIPAL has always had in its DNA, offering the experience gained in over 40 years of operations to all of its clients.

Now more than ever, Cyber Security is the field on which the battle to safeguard the heritage of knowledge and information of all Italian institutions and businesses will be won: SIPAL has always worked in this field and has developed targeted organisational, technical and procedural measures for ensuring the protection of IT systems and the information they hold against the potential threats they face.

The activities for which SIPAL is institutionally acknowledged as leader for data protection engineering (Domestic – NATO – EU) include:

  • Classified data network design and realisation
  • Classified infrastructure design and realisation (Class I and II reserved areas, shielding, CIS areas)
  • Production and marketing of Tempest Hardware and Peripherals (AIO PC [All-in-One], Desktop PCs, Laptop PCs, Workstations, Display Monitors, Printers, Network Equipment Servers, Switches, Transceivers, Video Conferencing Systems, etc.) at the various protection levels established by current standards: Level A, Level B, Level C.
  • Tempest Hardware and Peripherals Installation and Maintenance
  • Production of electronic data encryption devices
  • Organisation and provision of courses on information and data security
  • Assistance in the production of documentation for the approval of secure areas (physical risk assessment, CIS risk assessment, internal security regulations, COMSEC plans)


Acknowledging the national level need for technical and organisational competence capable of effectively assessing the security of equipment and products, in line with the highest and latest security measures and standards implemented at international level, SIPAL has established a team capable of supporting all stakeholders:

  • in defining the appropriate security strategies

  • in the analysis of Security Problems

  • in describing solutions to problems with a view to Common Criteria certification

  • in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests

  • in the verification of Compliance with security standards

Data availability, integrity, authenticity and confidentiality: these are the cornerstones that guide SIPAL in the development of its security systems and in the support it offers to its clients.