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Business unit web marketing

Through its staff of specialists coming from all areas of communication, Sipal is able to effectively interpret its clients’ communication requirements through state-of-the-art products and web services.
Sipal’s web services are aimed not only at companies and professionals in all sectors but also at private clients who have an interest in being present on the Internet. 

Custom-tailored websites

To operate effectively on the market, today an economic operator must inevitably have a personalized website that simply yet effectively communicates the products/services offered and the level of competence, experience and reliability of the operational structures.It is above all essential for the site to be able to communicate the different values of the company compared to its competitors and to facilitate maximum interaction with clients.

Thus we pay careful attention to website graphic and navigation components, which to this day play a fundamental role in the user experience.Sipal’s SEO experts are qualified to study, together with copywriters, a language functional to the optimization of the keywords connected with the client’s specific activity to make them functional to the indexing systems of the main search engines, facilitating the positioning of the sites on the respective organic listings.

Through systematic access monitoring, Sipal’s SEO experts can interpret the site use statistics and, if necessary, apply the most suitable changes of content and/or of structure to maximize the web presence of its clients.

Our services

Graphic services

When designing the graphic structure of websites, besides considering the clients’ communication requirements and their current and potential reference client base, it is necessary to define solutions that integrate in the best way possible with the features necessary for the positioning on the organic listing.

The contemporary market forces companies to come up with a strong brand identity, coordinated and in line with company values, capable of making their strong points emerge from the outset compared to those of the increasingly complex and profiled range of competitors.

Sipal’s team of graphic designers carefully looks after the graphics of the sites and is also highly specialized in the development of integrated graphic services like the study of company logos and the coordinated realization of brochures and catalogs.

Web marketing activities

Sipal studies and plans communication and marketing activities on the web aimed at the conversion of visitors into potential clients.To achieve this result we make use of the main tools available online:Google AdWords, advertising campaigns and activities on the main social networks, Direct e-Mail Marketing, Digital PR marketing, Newsletters, prize-giving competitions, Banner Campaigns and Text Message Campaigns.

Using time-tested strategies, Sipal’s SEO staff is able to optimize web pages, considerably improving their positioning on the organic listing and facilitating an increase in the number of accesses, which will be converted into potential new clients.This process will enable clients to expand their business volume.

Video editing

Videos are increasingly used in web marketing campaigns as they are able to better capture the user’s attention compared to a static image, making it possible to transfer more complex messages and arouse emotions.

Sipal has developed a strong specialization in video editing and, together with its technicians, can guarantee personalized services in the following areas:

  • Corporate videos
  • Videos for trade fairs or exhibitions
  • Videos with insertion of special digital effects
  • Restoration of videos in obsolete formats, video conversions from analog (VHS, 8mm) to digital (DVD)

Social media Marketing

Presence on social networks is essential to improve visibility and positioning of company brands with regard to the respective user base.

The revolutionary aspect of these platforms is the possibility of facilitating interaction between companies and clients by establishing a two-way link that will speed up loyalty to the company.

Sipal’s social marketing experts put companies in contact with their potential clients through the most suitable social tools, creating ad hoc advertising campaigns and promoting their products/services.

Mobile APP development

Mobile APPS are the future of conversational marketing as they are an excellent tool from both the image and communication standpoint.They allow companies to approach their clients quickly and directly.

Sipal is able to develop cell phone APPS owing to its in-depth knowledge of the latest generation of languages:IOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Event organization

Sipal is organized to provide support for the setting up of exhibition stands. Through collaboration with important companies in the sector, it is able to guarantee effective participation in captivating and engaging events.

Company PCs and Servers

Sipal’s hardware specialists assemble professional computers and servers for companies. Haswell (2-4 core), Intel XeonE5 multicore and multipurpose (6-8-10-12 core) processors are used.  The high calculation power of the processors makes it possible to work with complex image, audio and video editing software.

3D printing

3D printing is one of the main technological innovations of recent times.Starting from a digital model, it is possible to recreate a 3D prototype.

This technology is used by small and large businesses worldwide in the industrial design, architectural, automotive and aerospace engineering, design and architecture, art and design, clothing and jewelry sectors.

Through collaboration with companies specialized in 3D printing, Sipal is able to carry out specific projects…